Not sure if the dress will fit? Or you want to try another style? Add a 'backup dress' to your order.

How It Works

Add both dresses to your cart and ensure that they are booked for the same date. At checkout add discount code "BACKUPDRESS" to your cart, this will reduce your second dress by 80%. When you're ready to return send both dresses back together on the return date.

Keep In Mind

- Make sure that your 'backup dress' and primary dress have the same delivery date

- Your backup dress can be another size or any other style you would like to try on

- The lower priced dress will automatically be reduced by 80% when you choose the 'backup dress' option

- Only remove the security tag when you're sure of which dress you decide to wear to your event. Untagged dresses are considered 'worn' and will be charged the full rental price